Well being for every body

The mandate for masks in healthcare facilities has been lifted, but we at Obsidian Bodyworks believe that those who are still looking to receive bodywork in a masked space should be able to do so. Our massage therapist will continue masking in office, along with  the use of IQ Air Hepa filter air purifiers, and  our very thorough cleaning regimen. As a massage receiver, you will not be required to continue masking, but are more than welcome to.

Our Mission

Why Therapeutic Massage?

Through therapeutic massage, Obsidian Bodyworks’ mission is to…

  • Help you understand what is going on in your own body, allowing you to live your best life doing the things you love.
  • Empower you in learning how to heal yourself, and get relief from any pain, trauma, insomnia, or anxiety you may be feeling.
  • Enhance the well-being of any body who comes through the door.

In everything, I try to understand where your pain or discomfort is originating from, and work on issues from the root instead of just chasing the symptoms they may be causing.

The Process

What does it look like?

  1. Understand your current physical state
  2. Provide the tools you need to reach your physical goals
  3. Guide you through the healing process

Therapeutic Massage

Instead of focusing on the modality, therapeutic massage is focused on you and your pain relief. Whether your pain is chronic, injury based, or anywhere in between, this session can use a number of techniques to help you reach your goals.

Wellness Massage

Maybe you need a break between therapeutic sessions. Or you’re not in pain right now, but you’d like to be proactive, and keep it that way. This is a great option if you want to reap the benefits of massage, without having a specific problem area to work on.

Stretch & Movement Massage

Sometimes it’s hard to find the time, motivation, or ability to stretch, but it can be so beneficial. This Thai-style massage can help increase mobility, flexibility, and improve muscle function. Stretching is generally part of all my massage sessions, but this session is all stretching.

Is massage for me?

Massage is the manual manipulation of soft body tissue, muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, to potentially enhance a person’s health and well-being. It is not a guaranteed fix-all, but you never know if it’s something that could work for you unless you try it.

What does massage help with?

Massage has the potential to be beneficial for many things. Your daily aches, pains, and stiffness from “just getting older”, pain from injury, athletic performance, headaches, anxiety and depression, digestive disorders, insomnia, and oh so many more.

What should I expect?

My highest priority during each session is your healing and privacy. I have intake forms to ensure confidentiality and disclosure of relevant health concerns. During all massage sessions I will ask about comfort levels, while also making sure that any pain and discomfort is minimized.

How often should I receive massage?

Some is better than none. It varies person to person, and is dependent on your particular muscular goings on. How many sessions you will need to address any issues is unique to every person as well. Some issues can be helped within a few sessions, other long-term issues may require additional time.